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16th May 2013

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I Love Your Muscles (A Creative Photogallery -2 )

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13th May 2013

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Rob Thornborrow

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11th May 2013

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Tito Raymond

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9th May 2013

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Females Athletes Collage - 4

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6th May 2013

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Healthy Food for Bodybuilders

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3rd May 2013

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Branch Warren (Part 2)

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1st May 2013

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Important Exercise: Inclined Dumbbell Press

Sit on the edge of an incline bench set at about a 45-degree angle.

Pick up a dumbbell in each hand and place them on your thighs. Then, one at a time, raise them up to shoulder level while you press your back and shoulders firmly against the bench.

Press the weights up to a point over your upper chest, palms facing forward (pointing toward your feet). Lower the weights slowly. Pause briefly in the bottom position, then drive the weights back up. Remember to inhale as you lower the weights and exhale as you lift the weights.


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28th April 2013

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Branch Warren (Part 1)

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26th April 2013

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Mark Erpelding

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23rd April 2013

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Overtraining Effects on Muscles

Deep muscles have such a rich blood supply that they bruise easily. In fact they can bruise so badly that they become flooded with blood. This can cause the muscle to swell in its fascial covering. When this happens in the calf it can cause the blood supply to the lower leg to become shut off. This carries the possible risk of gangrene in the lower leg if the circulation is impaired for a long period. If the blockage is total gangrene will start in less than half an hour. This condition only likely to happen in the calf and is then known as Anterior Compartment Syndrome. It can usually be detected by acute pain in the calf itself and numbness around the second and third toes as the nerves serving those areas are similarly compressed along with the arteries. The seriousness of Gangrene does not need amplifying and it too is associated with fever. Bad diabetics with impaired peripheral blood flowshould be particularly concerned about gangrene in the foot. A very high fever associated with any bad bruise is a certain sign of serious difficulty and needs prompt investigation.


Another concern with bruises is those in the body of the large muscles themselves, usually the muscles of the thigh; Although the author has seen one in the biceps. When flooded with blood from a bad bruise haemotoma, the blood starts to form a new bone in the body of the muscle. This is heterotopic bone formation associated with charley horse or chronic cramps it is called myositis-ossificans. The small fragments of bone in the body of the muscle cause severe pain.

The ability of the muscles to form bone in this way is a method the body has developed for reinforcing areas of high stress. With trauma this useful ability is confused and forms bone in an inappropriate place. The chance of myositis-ossificans forming is often exacerbated by deep massage to a bruised large muscle.

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